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Marketing Technology Programme - Project Manager - Central London

£500-550 day rate

Data in the 21st Century is like Oil in the 18th Century: an immensely, untapped asset. With Chaucer's assistance, our client is pioneering the evidence in this space to ensure their downstream retail business remains competitive and relevant.

Sitting with a team of global digital marketing specialists, you will be responsible for developing and executing an integrated digital roadmap with data at the forefront of business aspirations. The roadmap builds on an omnichannel communications platform, delivering personalised and tailored communications (mobile, email, SMS) to over 45m customers each week.

In an evolving digital world, and supporting an organisation the size of a miniature city; my work in developing, approving and executing large scale data and campaign initiatives makes a substantial difference to the bottom line of this major brand, delivering significant value and (we hope) personal gratification.

The incumbent is moving to a VP role in a major financial institution, so hand over will need to place early/mid-July. This is an established account, you will have the full support of the Chaucer team to ensure success in this assignment.

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Lindsay Charman

Recruitment Manager

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